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Welcome to Ascension

Finding your way back to self.



Ascension is a 12 month Sister Circle Collective formulated to help women discover, address and heal those things within that stand in the way of an abundant life. 

Some of the tools to help you on is journey are

  • Your Female Archetypes

  • Birth Charts

  • Journaling

  • Meditation Techniques

  • Group Sessions (in-person and virtual)

Is ASCENSION for you...

As women, much of our time is spent pouring ourselves into everyone and everything outside of ourselves in pursuit of purpose, meaning, significance, validity and worth. In doing so we are denied the opportunity to really get in tune with our authentic selves. We tend to live our lives for others; making decisions based on others and spending our energy on others.

We believe our sole purpose is to be in service of others. But, what is your SOUL purpose? What are you really here to do? Who are you when you're not being everything to everyone else?

If you've been contemplating where you are in life, assessing your relationships or even just feeling an inner "shift" that you can't really explain, Ascension was designed with you in mind.

In this program we will cover


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Ascension is a year long SOUL-O
journey: for YOU and about YOU.

Through this 12 month program, you will discover who you REALLY are, uncover the elements in your life that have held you back/kept you stuck and recover your destiny - so that you can live a life filled with peace and purpose.

Ascension is a journey BACK to the authentic you: YOUR SOUL.

Final Note...

A primary component of Ascension is self reflection and journaling. You will address aspects of and integrate the physical (material) and spiritual (immaterial) natures of yourself.

You will be guided and supported through group sessions/sister circles, One-on-One Time w/Monifa and/or Dana, themed gift boxes and activities and an exclusive retreat.

At the end of the year, you can expect

- to have a deeper innerstanding of who you really are both naturally and spiritually
- be more at peace with where you are in life - knowing you are exactly where you need to be at this appointed time
- changes in your relationships - beginning with your relationship to self
- growth, expansion and evolution.

This program IS the one you have been looking for.

Energy Exchange

If you believe Ascension is for you and you are ready to investment in yourself, we would love to take this journey with you.

The cost to join Ascension $1200. That's $100/month

$200 DISCOUNT if paid in full by September 25, 2022 - $1000

$100 DISCOUNT if paid in two installments: $550 September 25th and March 25th 2022


3 installments
$400 due September 25, 2022
$400 due January 25, 2023 and
$400 due May 25, 2023

About Us

Monifa Watson & Dana Matthews

Friends for over a decade, Dana and Monifa have long discussed making a difference in the lives of women.

Drawn together by forces beyond either of their comprehension, they've traveled this life journey "separately together" and found themselves standing at the same crossroad.

It was at the moment they both "together separately" began questioning their lives, upbringing, spirituality, etc., that the universe saw fit for them to bring their dream to life.

Questions fueled their conversations. The more they discovered about history, religion, sexuality, themselves and relationships, the more the curiosity flame kept burning.

Having uncovered several of life's mysteries, they knew they wanted to share with other women - just as they had discussed in years past. Equipped with knowledge, experience, testimony and triumphs, they are now in a perfect place to guide others through this sacred journey.

The Dana and Monifa of today are definitely different woman than they were when they first met. They are collectively wiser, stronger and better. Their strengths and talents compliment one another's and the pair make a great team.

Both intellectually and intuitively gifted, not much gets past the two of them. What one might miss, the other will catch. And, even if they don't verbally express it, they know what they know! You can count on them to offer insight and suggestions, but they also know when their words are falling on deaf ears.

At times their delivery is different, but the messaging remains the same. Dana and Monifa have a passion for women and want to see them thrive in every aspect of life. We believe healed women can heal a nation. Ascension is our offering to that effort.

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