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Welcome to your Journey of Spiritual Enlightenment! Here we will discuss how to ascend to the life you've been striving for. Sometimes it takes minor or major adjustments, a change in prospective or just an open mind towards knowledge to place you exactly where you are suppose to be.


Classes / Events

SACRED SUNDAY Containers - Women Only

These events are so powerful! You'll be surprised at what happens when Women get in a room together all with the same mind of healing.

These events are held the 4th Sunday of the month (even if there's 5 Sundays).

Check out our next Sacred Sunday Container this month!! Exactly how heavy are the bags you carry on your journey? Are all the contents necessary??? Join us as we unpack by RSVPing below. These containers are FREE , please bring a friend.


Product Feature

If you have not been paying attention to Lotus Moon Retreats social media then you wouldn't know! I have completely fallen in love with my Tub Teas! As I learn different ways to maneuver through life (as an empath), I am learning how to stay grounded. Creating a formulation of Tub Teas for myself put me in position to share this product with others. I am very please at the response as women are using this product to decompress, meditate, remove the unwanted energies of the day and more.

Salt + Water + Herbs + Essential Oils = Ascension
This product comes with drawstring bag to hold the Tub Tea. No more messy herbs to clean up after. You can use it everyday or just when you feel the need to release.

Fyi: Product packaging have been changed to give more product for the same price.


Subscription Box - Launch

This subscription box option is everything you need to stay on top of products, jewelry, and knowledge customized by the month, theme and moon cycle. You will be delighted to know that every month you will have something to look forward to, coming straight to your door. There are several to choose from so take your time and select the best one for YOU!


ASCENSION - 12 Month Program for Women

There's so much to say about this program. A very close friend of mine and myself have launched our first course in getting back to self. We have been working on ourselves and decided to use our experience to share with others on what we are doing to get to the next level. Click the link below for details. Move fast, we are only allowing 20 ladies to enroll. Deadline for enrollment is September 23rd at 12 midnight.

What exactly does it mean to ascend?? Ascension is the process of getting from one mental, physical, emotional space to another. We all have improvements we would like for ourselves and our lives. Sometimes getting to and through those improvements take more than what we bargained for. And as we all know, a lot of things are easier said than done. An example is learning the art of "Forgiveness". Easier said than done right?? Taking a deeper look at your triggers, finding where they rest in your reality, processing them in a way to invoke healing and understanding so they no longer trigger you. These are the things we want to understand when people say "oh just heal and move on". Unpacking your pain is not always easy, sometimes you need someone to help you through. THAT is what Ascension is all about.


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