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Evolution is inevitable!

Updated: Apr 30

WTH happened? I went to the boutique and it was closed!?

It's been a journey and experience for me. With the many things going on in the stars at the moment I'm sure I am not the only one feeling it. I decided to release the physical location of Lotus Moon Retreat and take it online exclusively. Some products will still be available at local shops however I would like to do business mostly online for now. While I am excited about the needed change I do miss talking and visiting with the regulars of Lotus Moon Retreat (you know who you are). I am always available through my social media platforms. Keep up with me and what Lotus Moon Retreat is up to through the sites listed below.



Sacred Sunday's are on hold until further notice. In the mean time join The Afrohemian Goddess IG Page. It's a private women only page where I will be sharing my personal healing journey in detail in hopes of helping anyone that catch a vibe. Hope to see you there LADIES!


YOGA anyone?

If you've been thinking about taking a Yoga class, this is your sign. Yoga is a great way to move the body and release stress and tension. We rarely STRETCH the body in our regular daily activities.

I realized how tight I was 5 minutes in. I knew then I needed to do this regularly. Loc'd Lotus

Om Wellness Lounge is a great place to start your Yoga Journey. Regina is beautiful soul well educated in the latest yoga practices. Her serene space will have you wanting to come back for the many offerings she has available all under one roof.

"I could feel a high after learning the proper way to breathe." Loc'd Lotus



BY Om Wellness Lounge

This is an event open to anyone looking for a space to align, network, and release. Every 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month Om Wellness Lounge will be hosting Sacred Space Sunday. This event opens with a relaxing yoga session followed with networking and Reiki sessions. Additional healing services may also be available at that time. This community event starts May 7th, 2023!! Click the link below to RSVP! Hope to see you there!

Loc'd Lotus

Thank you so much for your support! Lotus Moon Retreat will forever be on it's journey of evolution. Hope you stick around to evolve with me!

Catch me on Instagram @iamdanapmatthews

Also Subscribe to my YouTube channel Goddess Vlog Media.


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