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Lotus Moon Retreat 

Lotus Moon Retreat was birthed out of my pure love to help women that look like me evolve into the highest form of themselves.  As we live life we hit various highs and lows and then one day you discover everything you once believed is no longer. 


This Spiritual-Based Metaphysical Boutique is designed to provide a safe place or Sacred Space for women to come together and learn as they evolve and grow "together".  Here you will able to shop for the tools, supplies, and products needed to aid you in your spiritual journey.

As women, we love beauty and aesthetics!!  You will be pleased to know that this is a place where you can feel comfortable to shop and stick a round for a spell.  Allow yourself to relax into your feminine energy and just exist!  Everything else, we got it covered.


About Me

Dana P. Matthews (Aka Loc'd Lotus)

I've spent the last 12 years of my life assisting black women through the transition of loving their whole self! I was an exclusive Natural Hair Stylist and Salon owner.  It became my passion to help women understand that they were beautiful in their own skin with their own hair.  As I transition from the Beauty Industry I am making a lateral move to helping women transition their way of thinking, getting them back to their true and higher self.  As you know or will come to learn that the Crown Chakra is an extension of your higher consciousness (your hair). I am still cultivating the extended consciousness of women and helping them in the transition!  Join me.   


~Loc'd Lotus~  

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