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Exclusive Calendar Events at
Lotus Moon Retreat

We have great things in store!  Stay tuned for the launch of theses sacred containers. It will be epic!

  • Extended Conciousness Practitioner
    This Container for Hairstylists!! As a former hair stylist and salon owner, I feel it's only right for me to share the information and knowledge I'ved learned in reguards the higher conciousness in relation to hair. This is a must for sylists!!!
  • Sex Magic
    Where do I begin?? Let's just say this is a must!!! Sextual energy is the most potient energy on the earth. In this Container we will take a look at sex and it's energy through a different lense. Come with an open mind and be prepared to take notes!!!
  • Every Women
    This Container will help you get a better understanding of they "type" of women you are. There are several female Archtypes. We all embody all female Archtypes, however there are dominates. In order to be the best form of yourself, it helps to identify the type of archtype you identify with the most. Being aware of the archtypes that need more attention is a step in the right direction to being the FULL women you were designed to be.
  • Divine Feminine Energy
    Polarity is in all areas of our life. The balance of the two is needed more than you realize. In this Container we get a better understanding of Masculine and Feminine Energy. Most women of today are operating in their masculine energy!! Find out how that can affect our lives in the areas of our relationship, health, etc.

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